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Corrective Care


Corrective chiropractic care involves restoring the spine to normal alignment.  At Aligned we use the most highly advanced, scientifically researched chiropractic technique called Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP).  CBP produces reliable results which help restore proper posture, alignment and function to the spine.  Proper alignment of the curves in the spine allow the body to heal optimally, thereby reducing pain and many other conditions that people present with.

Weight Loss Programs


At Elevation Health Elk Grove we offer a personalized, affordable, and clinically proven program that literally turns your body into a fat burning machine. You may not be happy with where you are but this is not who you are. Allow us to help AWAKEN your dormant METABOLIC FURNACE and give you the metabolism you deserve. Our program is GUARANTEED without exception and our doctors are the best at what they do.

Health Workshops

In the Regaining Your Youth and Vitality Workshop, one of the doctors of chiropractic will address topics such as proper exercise for low back and neck problems, posture, and the chiropractic basics for gaining and maintaining your ideal health as well as how Elevation Health Chiropractic can help you reach your optimum health.